Best Fitness Ab-Hyp Bench -RED

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The Best Fitness Ab-Hyp Bench combines the two most popular core workouts, an ab crunch and a back hyperextension, into one easy-to-use machine.

The back hyperextension works comfortably from a standing position, providing a low-impact back workout, while the ab crunches will help you build abdominal muscles that are crucial to maintaining lumbar spine strength.
Total core trainer for working out abdominal muscles and lower back muscles
6-position hyper-extension support for working from standing or angled position
3-position lower leg support; adjustable positions include 15, 20, and 25 degrees
1.75-inch upholstered bench pads; rubber-gripped positioning handles
Measures 29 x 32 x 49.5 inches (W x H x D); carries 3-year warranty. No warranty is available for non domestic enviroments
Weight: 18.6 kgs / 41 lbs