Life Fitness Insignia Series Hip Adduction

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Part of the heavy-duty Life Fitness Insignia Series, the Insignia Hip Adduction is an outstanding machine for building killer inner thighs. Incredibly durable, it’s tough enough for the busiest of commercial gyms or for extensive home use while the 130kg weight stack delivers plenty of resistance to push every level of strength to the max. This can be easily adjusted via the patented dial incremental system. Visually stunning, the Hip Adduction is one stand out machine thanks to its subtle rounded tubing and precision, while its easy access design and low profile tower design make it very inviting. Thanks to optimised biomechanics, motion is incredibly smooth. Comfort is enhanced by the padded, hardwearing upholstery. Knee pads and dual foot positions offer leg support and reduce torque around the knees while the articulated seat offers customisation, easily adjusted via the handy assist. The Hip Adduction also includes a built in electronic reps counter and timer.

This is a custom designed product. Where applicable, choose your colour (frame, upholstery, shroud), trim, weight stack (weight and dial) and shroud. Please note that the product image may show upgrade options, which may incur additional costs. Please contact us for full details.To view the colour options for this product please click here to see the Life Fitness colour chart. Once you have placed your order we will contact you for your colour choice.
Weight stack: 260lb/130kg
Premium aesthetics: clean lines and subtly rounded tubing
Optimised biomechanics: controlled, natural and comfortable movement
Independent motion: 8 upper body units use independent motion to maintain equilateral muscle development and aid those with physical limitations
Low profile Tower design: increases social interaction and encourages inviting atmosphere
Patented dial increment system: large diameter knob with ergonomic rubber gripping
Articulating seat: easily adjusted one-handed with lightweight assist for perfect positioning
Knee pads and dual foot positions: offers leg support and reduce torque around the knees
Superior upholstery: padded and durable for comfort
Elevated weight stack: easily adjust weight from seated position
Adjustable start position: adjust start position in 10-degree increments
Rep counter/timer: easily track your workouts
Graphic placards: illustrate muscles being trained and simple-to-follow instructions; QR code/NFC connects LFconnect app users to detailed instruction videos
Custom design: choose from a range of frame, shroud and upholstery colours (select from grids)
Other: pre-built
Custom made to order: This item is custom made to order. Lead time may be between 2-12 weeks.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 x 168 x 148 cm
Product weight: 296kg