Polar T34 Heart Rate Transmitter & Chest Strap (Non-Coded) – For use with Matrix XR Consoles

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Lightweight and waterproof, the Polar T34 Transmitter and chest strap picks up the electrical signal from your heart and transmits to your compatible equipment. Comfortable to wear, the T34 does not get in the way during workouts, and feeds back a constant reading throughout your session.

Bluetooth® and ANT+ enabled, the belt is easy and quick to sync with the latest technologies. Plus, it’s water resistant, so will still provide those accurate readings even in the most intense workouts.

Please check your machine is compatible with the T34 heart rate transmitter before purchase.

Please Note: For use with Matrix XR Consoles.
Wireless connection: providing you with accurate heart rate readings
Bluetooth® and ANT+ enabled: sends a continuous reading to your compatible fitness machine or smart device
Adjustable medium size chest strap: 25-54 inches
For use with: Matrix XR Consoles